Top 5 Gift Ideas For The Makeup Lover In Your Life

Some of us are great gift givers. We know exactly what to give to each person we know after a great deal of consideration for their perfect gift. Some of us……well, some of us resort to gift cards.

It can be incredibly complicated to figure out what to give to your loved ones, but if any of them love makeup, then these gifts are going to be the best gifts that even they may have never known they needed!

Gift #5:

Beautyblender Sweet Surprise Mystery Blind Bag $20


The product that can be found in every makeup artists kit is the infamous Beauty Blender, and while it’s a great gift on its own, a suprise is so much more fun! This blind bag holds a Beauty Blender that is one of four colors along with a mini BlenderCleanser solid, which always seems to last forever! Even if this is something they already have, it needs to be replaced every so often, so it’s a guaranteed hit!

Gift #4:

Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Face and Eyes $49


One of the most important parts of makeup is cleanliness, and that’s including the tools we use! This tower is used after you have cleaned your brushes. It holds 24 eye and 20 face brushes upside down, so that your brushes can dry efficiently and back to the shape they were originally in. It makes cleaning brushes so much less of a hassle!

Gift #3:

Any of the eyeshadows from Melt Cosmetics $17 - 58


Melt Cosmetics truly has some of the most pigmented, gorgeous, blendable, and versatile eyeshadows that I have ever used. I have never seen or heard bad reviews, and the brand is truly taking the beauty industry by storm. Their following adores the masterminds behind the brand, and you can’t blame them! They started off with stacks of color combinations rather than the typical flat palettes, and then they started selling those colors individually. Now, their new release palettes go out of stock shortly after release because they are truly too good to miss out on!

Gift #2:

Kat Von D Beauty’s Trooper Black Eyeliner Obsession Vault $88


Face it. Kat Von D has the eyeliner game won. Her formulas are phenomenal, long-wearing, and they are the blackest black. This vault is a collectible of her five different eyeliners in Trooper Black, and get this, they are ALL full size products! This is HUGE in terms of value sets as they are usually all mini versions of the products. This gives different ways to try eyeliners, and they all have slightly different ways of using them. Do they like to practice their liner game? This is a winner!


Gift #1:

Give the gift of a makeover! You cannot begin to understand how relaxing and luxurious it can feel to have someone pamper you and provide skincare services and a complete makeover until you have done it! Do they have an event coming up that they would love to have their makeup done for? How about a photo session for the holidays or for an upcoming engagement or wedding? Do they talk about wanting to learn how to apply makeup a certain way and not know where to start? This is the perfect gift that they will love no matter what because it is entirely customized to what they want! I offer skincare and makeup applications along with lessons entirely customized to fit your needs. Contact me for my holiday specials, and mention this blog post to have a special beauty treat added to your order!

Leave some comments, and tell me what beauty gifts you’d love to receive that aren’t on the list, and be sure to check the Instagram (@batsforbeauty) to see some up and coming holiday glam!