The Beauty Reset Button


We all need a reset button.  We all have days when we don’t really feel as good as we probably are.  The superficial face of social media and the internet can literally tear you to pieces if you let it.  I know I do some days, and I’m sure everyone does every now and then. I used to pride myself on always getting up early and doing my makeup before work, and I would always have to be done up to see anyone.  I’m lucky if I have time to throw on foundation and a touch of mascara before work these days. I’ve gotten to a point where I rarely touch my hair, throw on whatever dress I can find, and I’m in a rut where the bare minimum is all I can manage.  

So, what do you when you’re in a motivational rut?  How do you reset yourself to be the kick-ass, best version of yourself?  Here are a few of my favorite ways:


Luxury Bathtime

I go all out with my baths.  I have soaking salts, lavender, rose petals, bath bombs.  I stock up on it all because you never know when you’re gonna just need to soak.  It’s like laying in a tub with some music playing, smelling the roses (literally) washes away some of the sadness or anxiety.  It washes away the old feelings and allows you to feel renewed again. If you want to get really fancy, put on a face mask while you soak.  

Drink about it.

There is nothing a bottle of wine can’t fix!  Well, maybe that’s not completely true, but it does allow you to forget about it for a bit.  It might not be the healthiest way to resolve anything, however alcohol lowers your inhibitions and also helps you really feel your emotions.  Instead of bottling all of it up, you can let it out whether it be alone or with friends, and you’ll at least feel a little better afterwards.


I may not feel like coloring my face, but coloring some curse words or some pretty filigree helps get those creative juices flowing.  Coloring is a great way to release some of the negative thoughts, and allow yourself to relax and reset while finding some inspiration in the colors that lay out before you.  


What lady doesn’t like to do a little meditational shopping?!  Allow yourself to splurge a little on items you have been thinking about for a while.  Don’t just go window shopping. This time, go get yourself a little something that will make you smile.  Get that new eye palette that will get you excited to play in new makeup. Try out a new face mask that you have seen give others incredible results.  

Happy Places


It may not be a beauty reset, but if you go to a place where you are genuinely happy, then your mind will follow.  Some of my favorite places are theme parks, so there is a reason I decided to move 15 minutes away from Universal Studios!  Being able to go to a place where I can ride some rides, not be concerned so much about how I look, and really just be happier helps me reset the thought process in my mind.  It reminds me why I enjoy the things I love, and in turn, it inspires me to reset my beauty mentality.

Fake it ‘til you make it.

Sometimes, there really isn’t anything that works.  Every now and then, you just have to push through the rut.  You have to force yourself to work through the beauty block, and that means fake it.  Do the bare minimum, but add a little bit more each time. One night, just sit in front of the mirror and literally play with your makeup.  Don’t do it to go anywhere or to see anyone. Just do it to play in it, do it to try something new. The more you can just let yourself play, the more inspired you will be, and you will find that beauty inspiration again.  

Leave a comment, and tell me how you reset when it’s needed! Be sure to check out my IG (@batsforbeauty) for more beauty updates!