New Year, New You?

We are a little over a week into the New Year, and let me tell you, it has already been quite the challenge!  Most of the first week was spent in bed with some sort of flu or cold from Hell! It was horrible! Feeling refreshed and ready for the year, I am back with new ideas and new reviews to share with anyone who is interested!

While I’m not really one to spend time on resolutions for the New Year, I can always appreciate those that take the steps to better themselves however (and whenever) they see fit.  Whether it be weight loss, traveling more, writing more on your own blog, we all have things that we want to improve on. We all want to be better at something. I have found recently that usually the only thing or person stopping us is ourselves.  Whether it be excuses or laziness or self-doubt, we just don’t make the effort to really push ourselves to reaching our goals. I know that personally I struggle with anxiety and self-doubt, and I compare myself to so many others that I just don’t see the value in my own self.  I get so lost in that, and it is extremely difficult to see how I could ever succeed. It impairs not only my mindset, but it bleeds over into my relationships with my loved ones. There is no quick or easy fix to getting over it. It’s just something that I know I have to work on everyday.  Taking even a small step is still progress, and eventually the small steps will turn into bigger steps, and goals won’t seem like a far fetched dream.

With the New Year, we want to turn over a new leaf of sorts.  One thing that I am working on is cleaning out my makeup, which is a daunting task, but it is something that should be done every now and then at the very least!  I know I am such a hoarder when it comes to my makeup, and even when things are empty or getting close, I tend to let it stay on the vanity or in the drawer that it’s placed just because.  There isn’t really any good reason for this, and it just clutters what I do have available for use. Not only is it good to keep your collection fresh for sanitary reasons, but it also allows you to see those products that have been pushed to the back that you used to love but rarely use anymore.  It’s a way of inspiration for new color combinations, new ways to use products, and new looks to absolutely slay! It may even give you another reason to go shopping to restock on products you’ve hit pan on or buy new brands that you’ve been interested in.

I know it’s not just me that puts off doing this, so I challenge you to clean out your makeup collection!  Leave a comment, and tell me all about it! Or comment about your New Year and what you are excited for this year!  Be on the lookout for new reviews, new looks, and who knows what else! If you haven’t yet, please follow me on Instagram where I post way more often than anywhere else, @batsforbeauty! I’m excited for the challenges to come, and I hope you are, too!